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Following Jesus into prison

In October 2013, SangMin Lee, a young South Korean Mennonite, called the police to announce that he was a conscientious objector and would not fulfill his mandatory military service. Following his trial six months later, Lee was taken from the courtroom directly to prison and subsequently became the first Mennonite conscientious objector in South Korea ...

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Leaders to explore a new structure for MC USA

During their meeting Sept. 25-27 in Kansas City, Mo., members of the Mennonite Church USA Executive Board (EB) grappled with plans for Kansas City 2015, where the question of LGBT inclusion in the denomination will be at the forefront ...

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The possibility of the impossible

We all see the world through lenses that are stained, cracked or askew. And sometimes, as Jesus shows us, we need to learn from those who are blind ...

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