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2008-04-15 issue:

CNN interviews Goshen College students

by Everett J. Thomas

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Rick Sanchez, from CNN’s “American Morning” television show, interviewed 11 Goshen (Ind.) College students on April 15 to learn their views on the U.S. presidential election. The show is scheduled for broadcast on April 23. “American Morning” runs from 6 am until 9 am. The show’s producers contacted Goshen College and proposed the roundtable.

Rick Sanchez of CNN interviews Goshen (Ind.) College students. Goshen College photo.

“I’m going all of the country,” Sanchez said to the students before the cameras began to roll, “talking to … people not only voting for the first time but those who are energized [about the presidential election] for the first time.”

Then, to help the students be comfortable, Sanchez said, “Just relax. Only about 10 million people will see this show.”

Sanchez included the Goshen College visit because he wanted the perspectives of young Mennonites. Other campuses included the University of Scranton (Pa.), Penn State University in State College, Pa., Spellman College in Atlanta, and a Jesuit university.

Sanchez grilled the Goshen students about what it means to be Mennonite, their views on the Iraq war, immigration issues and social issues such as abortion and homosexuality.

The students spoke mostly about what it means to be global citizens and the need for people in the United States to do two things: consider the effects of U.S. policies on other countries and travel to other countries—especially to developing countries. Four of the seven students already had international experience through the college’s Study-Service Term and the other three are scheduled for SST in the next year.

“When we travel we should go as pilgrims, not as tourists,” said first-year student Adriel Santiago from Lancaster, Pa. He said that during choir experiences abroad, group members stayed with families and began to develop relationships.

The students said that such relationships helped them think differently about the effects of U.S. policies on other countries. Sanchez reported that Sen. Christopher Dodd wants all young adults to do a year of service abroad and asked if they like the idea. All did.

Sanchez also asked who they would vote for in the presidential election. One person supported Hillary Clinton and the remainder Barack Obama. Several students pointed out to Sanchez, however, that Mennonites are very diverse and “a lot of Mennonites are Republican.”

The seven students were: Rebecca Fast, who lives in Canada but is a dual citizen; Jennifer Speight, Cleveland, Ohio; Adriel Santiago, Souderton, Pa.; Sheldon C. Good, Telford, Pa.; Peter Koontz, Goshen, Ind.; Elizabeth Beachy, Kalona, Iowa; Kenda Joy Sprunger, Goshen, Ind.

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