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2011-07-01 issue:

For the Ordination of Minister Addie Sanders Banks


by Barbara Bethea, aka Afrikana Madonna

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I commend unto you, Addie,
a woman who walks by faith,
who hearkens to the word of God,
whose life is saved by Grace.
This day a celebration
for all good works she’s done,
for the harvest is ripe with labor,
for the countless souls she has won,
for the effectual fervent prayers,
for the ministering to those in need.
We salute this woman of God,
for her labor and good deeds.
For knowing when to abase, abound,
for a meek and humble spirit,
for being a vessel used, empowered
 by God’s word as she hears it.
A woman with a vision
to build walls torn down by sin,
for offering her life in service,
ushering the spirit of love within.

Now consider with me Mary’s life
The mother of our Lord and Savior
The challenges she had to face
with humility and sound behavior.
To heed the unction of God’s word
as unto her was spoken,
In the face of fear and doubt
to stand on promises, unbroken.
Consider with me, Hagar
Cast out, forsaken, no place to dwell,
wandering through a wilderness
yet God opened her eyes to a well.
Ruth followed Naomi,
Declared your God willwould be mine
Esther saved her people
Rahab, placed in the royal blood line.epies
Lydia, a seller of purple
Whose heart the Lord had opened
whose household became obedient
attended to things by Paul were spoken.
The Daughters of Zelophehad
gained an inheritance through the Lord
The spirit of their testimony
was written into law

See God has used women in service
to implement His will
by which great things have happened
and His purpose has been fulfilled.
Our minister and sister
embodies these character traits.
Strength and honor are her clothing
as she watches daily at God’s gates.
Minister Addie Banks stands before us,
a servant ordained by God,
endued with the fruits of the Spirit,
baptized, in-filled and blood-washed..

I commend unto you, Addie,
Our sister in the Lord,
that we continue to assist her,
in the charge of which she’s called.
May we greet her with thanksgiving,
May we stand with her in love
when the storms or tides are risen
may we anchor her with the word.
May we pray and seek God’s power
in all that she has need of.
May we promise to uphold her
With respect, support and love.
The Lord bless you and keep you
This day and forevermore.
The Lord make his face shine upon you
Peace over all you are purposed and called.
The Lord lift up His face to you,
keep you in perfect peace
May you prosper abundantly,
may your territory be increased
Now unto Him who is able
to keep us all from falling
Minister Addie Banks, we charge thee
go forth boldly in God’s calling.

Submitted in Love, for the Ordination of  Minister Addie Banks
Copyright June 18, 2011 by Afrikana Madonna, poetess

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