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2013-08-01 issue:

Unfinished business with John Howard Yoder

by Sara Wenger Shenk

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Time has its way. As does the Spirit.

The accelerating interest in and widespread appreciation for John Howard Yoder's theological work has also provoked renewed calls for the Mennonite church, including Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, Ind., to revisit unfinished business with his legacy.

Last year, in February and March of 2012, AMBS faculty did significant work to review AMBS's history with John Howard Yoder and to come to a shared agreement that guides how we teach, critique, interpret, and use Yoder's work with integrity, recognizing the significance of his theological work and the harmfulness of his actions.

This Faculty Statement is posted here on the AMBS website.

In addition to the hard work our AMBS faculty has done to interpret the complicated ironies of John Howard Yoder's legacy over many years, I wanted to add a personal word.

As the current president of AMBS, I'm committed to a new transparency in the truth telling that must happen. We must strive to get the facts straight, to acknowledge healing work that has been done, and to shoulder the urgent healing work that must still be done.

Some who are only tuning in now will say, I had no idea about John Howard Yoder’s widespread sexual harassment and abuse. Others will say, why keep bringing this up; it was settled long ago; he submitted to a church disciplinary process and was cleared for ongoing ministry. Others will say, FINALLY. This has taken far too long.

The renewed outcry for truth-telling about what really happened and what didn't happen in the 1970s, 80s and early 90s has deepened my resolve and the resolve of Mennonite Church USA leaders, including Ervin Stutzman, to continue the healing journey.

I was not close to the John Howard Yoder saga when it was unfolding and only heard him speak once during his visit in 1997 to Harrisonburg, Va. Now, as I review the written materials about him and talk to people, I am dumbfounded (appalled) at how long it took for anyone in authority to publicly denounce his harmful behavior.

I am also keenly aware that I was not there. I do not presume that I would have done things differently at that time. I thank God for all the faithful and arduous labor that was exerted under extreme stress to stop John Howard Yoder's sexual abuse and to listen to the victims—as ineffective as it proved to be for many years.

As AMBS professor Ted Koontz said elsewhere: "The women who experienced sexual and power abuse by John personally have far too long been sidelined (along with others who were directly abused by other church leaders) and are rightfully at the center of our concern. I nevertheless am aware the hurt caused by John's behavior was and is far-reaching. That circle of hurt includes some who carried major responsibility to work at stopping his abusive behavior, who were unsuccessful, and who were burdened by weight of that failure."

True, there was confusion about who John Howard should be accountable to with various influential church leaders and institutions continuing to send him all over the world even as AMBS leaders of the time discouraged his use as a resource. It took far too long to realize how he was out-manipulating persons who sought to confront him, along with providing his own theological rationalization for his sexual activities.

But it's time to say frankly that we have fallen short. Even those of us now in leadership who weren't remotely involved at the time, must commit to the deep listening needed to get the facts straight.

What did actually happen? What was done to address it and what was left undone regrettably, or done poorly, in retrospect? Who suffered because of that failure? Who was disbelieved for too long even as an abuser was allowed to continue his globetrotting ministry without public censure? In what ways would we respond differently today given the benefit of hindsight and so much learning in the meantime?

Yes, John Howard's ministry was and is an exposition of the Gospel that is reaping an enormous blessing. Thanks be to God! This flawed man was gifted in ways that allowed him to grasp radically good news in the Gospel that needed retelling, reimagining.

Ironically, it is because of that Gospel that we can fearlessly call sin what it is. The far reaching hurt of the evil that was perpetrated and allowed to fester too long must be more fully and publicly acknowledged. It is then that we can move into deeper healing and reconciliation. May it be so!

This post ran originally on Sara Wenger Shenk's post, Practicing Reconciliation. Click here for her blog on the AMBS website.

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  • Posted by tmadmin at Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 08:24 PM

    Ross Lynn Bender, Philadelphia, PA: In response to the belated AMBS statement on John Howard Yoder and President Sara Wenger Shenk's article "Unfinished Business" (August 2013 issue), I must say that the statement posted apparently in April 2012 on the AMBS website falls short of an apology. In fact it comess off more as an appreciation of Yoder's scholarly work than as a profound statement of contrition.

    It reads "We regret the hurt.... etc." This is a statement of regret rather than a clearcut statement of apology.

    My father Ross T Bender served as AMBS Dean for many years and found Yoder a difficult personality to say the least. Dad left the seminary in 1984 for an extended leave to pastor at Glennon Heights Mennonite Church in Lakeland, CO. When he returned the faculty had finally made the decision to bar Yoder from campus. My father never received an apology from the man.

    After my father died in spring of 2011 I wrote to Dean Shenk and other faculty members detailing my concern about the abuse my father suffered from working with this man -- not sexual abuse, but his manipulative behaviors. Also, before the final faculty witnesses to Yoder's sexually abusive behavior (in AMBS classrooms)pass away, it needs to be spelled out in explicit detail how this man operated.
    The Elkhart Truth articles on Ted Grimsrud's website Peace Theology give many of these details, but the faculty committee that disciplined Yoder could give many more. According to the Elkhart Truth, Yoder was advised NOT to apologize to anyone.

    The AMBS statement says: "References to Yoder's submission to and completion of the disciplinary process with Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference will be made as appropriate with students, future faculty, and scholars." This is waffling. These results should be published openly.

    Why is this still important after so many years? Barbra Graber's article referred to in Dean Shenk's piece gives many answers. But it is important to stress that this was not only a case of a sexual predator but of an extremely powerful man who continues to exert a malevolent manipulative influence from the grave.

    I should say that before my father died he forgave John (albeit posthumously). He viewed him as a sort of Jean Calvin, however that may be taken.

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